Heaven Falls Series

The Road to Hell: The Book of Lucifer

Forget what you think you know. You’ve never heard this story before—not from me. Others have tried. None of them got it right. No one seems to understand my motivations.

Come Hell or High Water

Now the war in Heaven is over; the damned souls have fallen. All is as it should be. But Heaven is a fractured, broken husk. The Host is silent. The angels do not sing. The Father does not speak. All of it is frozen. Dying.

The Father wanted something from me, and I didn’t understand it then. But I understand it now. I know what he wants now. And these—these animals—are a poor substitute for the real thing. They’re in my way.

The Road to Hell: The Book of Lucifer
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What’s It Worth?

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about the cost of things. And not just financial cost, though that is definitely a driver. No, I mean the real cost of things. The opportunity cost. Quiet as

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Suck It Up, Buttercup

I’m sorry I haven’t written in a minute—I’ve been all up in my feelings for the last 2 weeks or so. My president is leaving and the whole idea got me like: My wife has

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My New Career Counselor

  I am legit taking professional advice from my dog. Real talk. So the Damn Dog—I mean, I love her but anything that wakes you up at 3am because it’s not sure if it has

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About the author

Christopher C. Starr makes it a point to look at the dark side of his characters, both heroes and villains, and his work explores the “grey”—that place where good and evil come together in all of us. Maybe it’s middle child syndrome, maybe it’s Maybelline but this life on the dark side has been a pathway to exploring some of pop culture’s most iconic comic and movie villains (and some poor ones too). The better the villain, the better the story…