Author Interview: J.A. Beard’s Unnecessary Musings

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Like VISA, I’m everywhere you wanna be this August. And today, I’m hanging out with J.A Beard, author of The Emerald City, a 21st century take on The Wizard of Oz. J.A. knows his stuff and gave me one of the more in-depth interviews I’ve had.

Check it out at Unnecessary Musings. Your support for me and the bloggers who support us indies means the world–give J.A. (and all the others) a strong shout out for hosting this month!

And then swing back today–I know I’ve been heavy on the promo stuff but I’m gonna give you what you want, what you’ve been aching for: the villains are back, and the Vampire Lestat will be taking a bite out of Crooked Letterz today!

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