When Quitting Your Job Goes Wrong – Greatest Hits Edition

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This has gotten entirely too easy. But seriously, one of us has to be the adult. It’s a sad day when it’s me.

As much as I’ve enjoyed the witty repartee between John and me, there comes a point when it has to end. When there’s really not much more to say. I thought we’d reached that point already. I actually thought it was a yesterday when I was graced with a super-fantastic voicemail. Apparently not. Ridiculousness apparently knows no bounds. And it doesn’t sleep. This morning I woke up to this:

John Dec 30

Somewhere in the posturing is an appeal to end the nonsense. There really is. Can you see it? It’s at the end. The problem is it’s at the end. After the 2500 word threat. After the intent to haul me to Tennessee (which you know is on the dark side of the moon) TWICE. And take the unemployment I’m not on. And take the disability I don’t receive. Thing is, you can’t garnish disability or unemployment…but whatever. He did say I’m funny though and that warms my heart. That said, don’t be surprised if you see a PayPal donation widget for my legal fund.

I actually spent all day ruminating on this—and watching the Vikings make the playoffs (though AP was 9 YARDS AWAY from the rushing record) and doing laundry and clipping toenails. Then I wrote this:

My Response Dec 30

Look at that. All I want, all my wife wants, is a simple apology. Say you’re fucking sorry. That’s it. That’s all. Man up, put your big-girl-panties on and apologize. Till then, guess what’s on heavy rotation?

BSJ’s Greatest Hits

Remember when one of Amanda’s emails said someone got called retarded? Here’s what that actually looks like:





Remember when they fired a planner on Facebook? Here’s how you make them feel extra special:

Judy Minton Photo

What you are looking at is a pattern of behavior, a way of engaging in the public discourse. Problem is it’s inappropriate. Some people have to learn the hard way. In the end, the lesson here is, when someone asks you to shut up, you should shut up.

Somebody told me, “You can lead a horse to water but you can’t make them drink…but you can salt their oats!” That was pretty good. I also like this: “I’m a man of my word.” – The Joker, The Dark Knight

And then…they came back!


Taleena · December 30, 2012 at 11:13 pm

It looks like John and Melanie Swoap are really into how they “GIVE” people “opportunities.” So by giving them a job as an agent is some big whopping opportunity. WOW! Sign me up. Who do I call? Where do I sign? I want that OPPORTUNITY! HA HA HA HA!!! NOT in a million years. Working is hard enough… working for someone who treats you like the crap they stepped in in their yard is not worth any amount of money. John and Melanie Swoap need to get a clue and realize that respect is… EARNED. If they want respect from their agents, maybe they should respect their agents.

enlightenedprincess · December 30, 2012 at 11:44 pm

John and Melanie Swoap apparently also need to learn basic manners. I agree with the rest of the list. Oh, right – and let’s not forget grammar and ortography.

Leslie · December 31, 2012 at 1:35 am

I doubt the apology will come. I worked for someone like this before, when their way was the right way and everything else was stupid, ignorant, and (insert your choice of demeaning words here). The truth is that they probably won’t see their wrong until court (if they see it at all). Since I am one of the 60 that do care what you think, I hope the best for Amanda and you. 🙂

Autumn Barnes · December 31, 2012 at 8:35 am

Chris- Good lord this man is hell bent intent on destroying himself, or running his mouth so much no lawyer would represent him huh?? I would gather IF John has spoken to a lawyer he 1-sure as hell aint listening to him as any lawyer worth a crap would have told him to cease and desist 2-he isnt showing him ALL these comms and is probably leaving out major details making it something that may seriously bite him in the butt down the line.
I started talking to my hubs about this. He said you need to retain a lawyer in Tenn, and give ALL of this communication to them. Let the lawyer handle John. Ask the lawyer to look into Malicious Prosecution. He said you may even be able to find someone who would handle it pro-Bono.

On the other side of this and this is probably more for Amanda….. For just short of 12 years I worked for a company that belittled their employees, didn’t value them, and basically were the John and Mel of their industry. In those 12 years I missed 8 days of work due to illness, and would even do work while on paid vacation because I was raised to be dedicated to my job. Sadly the economy, not their personal practices or the way they treated their employees got them and they had to close down the locations in my state. I thought my universe was ending. I had given then my 20s, and busted my tail in a hostile, toxic, unsupportive environment on the concept it was a job and I was there to work and give my 120% not care about how I felt about it at the end of the day. (Go go dad’s work ethic in me). Regardless, as my world spun I hunted drastically and frantically for a new job. Yes, my hubs has a full time job. (GO NAVY!!) BUT… we have bills, we have a house, a rented out condo that we still pay some things on, our DVC membership payment etc. I pushed myself through the final 4 works turned 6 because the owner didn’t get his act together, no surprise, to come close out the place. I held in my emotions and worked by butt off through that CHRISTMAS, yup that’s what I said we got clued in 3 weeks prior to Christmas we were all about to be unemployed, and soldiered on for the team that never in 11 years really had my back or even said thank you for all you do.
That sir, is when the clouds cleared away and I, one WEEK after my last day at my old job, got a call to interview at a company 3.5 MILES from my house, and then GOT the job. My commute went from 70 miles to 7 miles round trip. They started me off at more at hour than my old job had paid me when I left. I now work mon-fri 8-4, not mon-sat with a day off that floats from 10-tecnically 6 but I never left that early. I am happier. I am supported in my choices, my boss is available to ask questions to, and he doesn’t demean or belittle me when I do, nor does he flip flop on his answer and not inform me like I dealt with for 11 years. And the most AMAZING part? When I get handed my pay stub I get told on random occasions “Thank you for working here” “I just wanted to remind you we appreciate everything you do” “Thanks for being here and for all you do for this company we couldn’t get on without you” Be still my heart.. What? Thank yous? Compliments?? From my BOSS??? And my Co-workers?? What in the world? Seriously the first few times this occurred my chin dropped, and I feel over my own words in shock and confusion as I had heard of these places that appreciated employees but obviously never worked for one. I heard of people looking FORWARD to going to work but hadn’t felt this way for ehhh 10 years.
By now I guess you are saying “Ok?? So what is the point your getting at?” It’s very simple, through every trial we go through there is a reason. Through every storm we weather, there is a purpose. We learn, we grown, we move on. And sometimes we get lucky, and we end up in a MUCH better place when the storm is over and the clouds have cleared. My personal hope is your whole family once this is done will be at a better place, and that more importantly Amanda will have found a place to do what she loves, in an atmosphere that encourages, supports, and appreciates her, and fosters growth within her. I also sort of hope that John and Mel will step back and read all the communications and leave out the personal feeling and emotion and say “is this how WE would want our bosses to talk to us, to communicate with us, to treat us? Is this how we want the WORLD to see us?” and hopefully they will say NO, and they will start thinking and re-reading things with those questions before they hit send, or verbally say what they plan on saying. I am not saying John and Mel are horrible people who must burn. But I am saying that they currently remind me of my old job and old boss, where 3-4 days a week I would wake up and say to my alarm, my pillow, a pet, or my husband “I don’t WANT to go to work today”, and I hope that all of this encourages them to look at how they interact with employees and become the company I now work for that encourages, supports, and lifts up employees. I now wake up and as a none morning person and on occasion say “ughhhh no no sun yet” but then go oh hey ok time to go to work, cool and up I get. In the almost 2 years I have now been at my current full time job I have said perhaps 4 times “I don’t want to go to work today” 2 of those 4 I was sick, the other 2 I hadn’t slept, or had gotten home on a plane super late due to connection issues, NONE of those 4 were connected to my unhappiness with my job. This happiness is now reflect in my whole life as I am no longer stressed, overwhelmed and unhappy 40+ hours a week, and trust me that unhappiness spread to every region of my universe unintentionally. So I guess I am saying I hope Amanda finds her happy work place, and that John and Mel decide to redo their approach to their work place and MAKE it become their employees happy place…

ckr · August 27, 2013 at 5:20 am

if you only knew the swoop history dating back to 2004 in memphis, tn

    ckr · August 27, 2013 at 5:21 am

    oops, its early, i meant swoap history

    Amanda Starr · August 27, 2013 at 8:30 pm

    CKR I would love to get more information. I’ve been contacted by many old agents, businesses and even other Disney agencies this week thanking us for this blog and standing up to the bullies. We would LOVE to hear what you have 🙂

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